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Definitely a good one. Kid's room was full of win, bubbles, balloons, clay, CHOCOLATE clay.... Got Jim Hines' latest book(thanks for signing it, Jim! Sorry I missed you). Masq was fun, although small. Hunting aliens in consuite was fun, and seeing friends who never make it to Confusion was nice. But, lots of peeps who I expected to see didn't so much show up, so that wasn't so great. Coral talked me into going to the pool, something I never do (although we always pack the suits just in case). Pool was very warm, and nice! Al tried to meet us there, but was just a smidge too late, we were already drying off in the room. Main bummer was all of us having sore throats. Weird, we never all 3 get the same thing...heck, Al and I hardly ever get the same thing at the same time! Some tenacious bug. Anyway, back to the real world now.


loving the net today

Emptying the dishwasher, accidentally broke Coral's little bunny bowl :(. It's a rice bowl that we got at Sur La Table - it matched her little bunny mug we got somewhere in Colorado when she was not quite 2. Sadness. Hopped online, within a half hour I found a store that carries it in a set with 3 other CUTE rice bowls! It is ordered, hooray! What did clumsy mommies do before the internet????
In case you're interested, the website is really cool. www.heliotropehome.com Enjoy!


what a morning

So, Al was out gaming in Ann Arbor, and came home at 3. That's cool. I actually stayed up til midnight to watch a movie ("He's Just Not That Into You"). Still cool. Coral gets up at 5:30, insisting it's morning because she has to pee. Not so cool. I finally get her back in bed, where she begs me to snuggle with her. We both fall asleep after 6. 7:30?! WTH, what is that noise??? The Gas detector goes off, I jump out of C's bed and knock over her humidifier (she has a cold). I can't find what is making the noise, and ask, "is it the fire alarm?". Coral starts crying because she thinks there is a fire. Al takes the co alarm and checks it out. He calls Consumers, they say get out of the house and they're on their way. So, we sit on the porch. Then it starts to rain. Sigh. Consumes comes out, all is fine.

We will all be trying to nap later....


Coral(from outside, where she is playing with my old pewter collection): I need a magazine to put these toys on!

Me: Umm, making you French toast, here.

Coral: then tell Daddy to get it!

Me: Nope, he's busy, too.

Coral (storming into the house): Whatever. I have to do everything around here.

Can't WAIT til she hits puberty!


best raw/vegan chocolate pudding ever!

4 dates
1 banana
1 avocado
1/2 tsp vanilla
2-3 TBS cocoa powder (or carob, if you prefer, but I don't).
water, if needed

blend in blender or Cuisinart, and eat. YUM!

So good, I had to share.



So, what have I been doing with my summer? Since we've been back from Up North, we've been slowly purging Stuff. I have a huge bag of clothes for Vietnam Vets, a bag of books to take to work, a box of stuff for garage sale next spring, a bag of stuff waiting to be picked up by a freecycler and I'm not done yet!
Probably won't get more purging done today, since we will be busy with Festivities, but there will be more!

Coral observations (Up North Edition)

About 3 hours into the drive, "this takes longer than going to Disney World".

Upon seeing me with a glass of wine, "Yep, that's the girl kind of wine. The boy kind is brown."

Can't quite write how she pronounced "Petosky stone", but it sure was cute.

Upon seeing the kids next-door playing at the beach, "I need my bathing suit! I have to go into the sea!"

At the grocery, picking up supplies for the week, "Mom? This isn't very exciting, you know."

At Mackinac, when we saw the horses, she gagged from the smell and announced, "I think I'm allergic to horses. They make me throw up." Poor baby!


Coral funny

Upon enjoying her first Tootsie Pop:
"I think it's called a Tootsie Pop because you eat it, and the Tootsie Roll pops right out!"


fun weekend

Friday - Ice Cream Social, one garage sale, watched "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"
Saturday- more garage sales, cousin's birthday party, more garage sales, watched "The Business of Being Born"
Sunday - "Start Trek", a few more garage sales.
All we bought were a few toys, but it was nice walking.
And, woah, a movie a day? Unheard of around here!!

And now I have to go to work.

she's a genius!

Coral said she wanted to go for a walk after dinner. Al said it was a genius idea. Then came the following conversation.

Al: Genius! You must be a genius!
Coral: I'm NOT a genius.
Al: you're not?
Coral NO. A genius is a blue ghost!
Al: Really? A blue ghost?
Coral: yep. With a beard.
Al(catching on): OH, you mean a genie!
Me: Oh, of course! Duh!