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The frustration of Coral's wishes

"Mom, it's just not fair, my wishes never come true."
"What do you mean? Lot's of things you wished for happened."
"Yeah, but I keep wishing on the stars, and have a lot that don't. Can I tell you, since they didn't even come true? So it's okay to tell, right?"
"Okay, sure."
"Okay. First I wished for every kind of princess dress in the world. Then, I wished for a Unicorn. I really, really, want one."
"Wow, that's a really good wish."
"AND I wished that the fairies in the Rainbow Magic Fairy books were really real."
"That's a good wish, too."
"I know, but they never come true!"

A suggestion was made that we should now encourage her to become a scientist so she can work with genetics and create a unicorn.



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